How Do I Qualify?

​Buying land and building a home is probably the most cost efficient way to buy a home especially as prices rise. We are able to finance the purchase of the lot, plus the cost to build your DREAM home.

You may utilize FHA financing, VA financing or USDA. FHA requires 3.5% of the land + construction costs as a down payment. VA and USDA require $0 down.

How Does It Work?

Go search for land with your realtor. (We also are in house Realtors). Offer to purchase the land at agreed upon price. Contractor needs to be licensed and insured. You may not construct your own home unless you are a licensed General Contractor. Bid plans to build out, include costs for permits, grading, electrical, water and sewage if necessary (some lots have pre paid for all to be on site already). Close on purchase and construction costs are pooled into an asset manager account. Your rate is locked and guaranteed at this point forward. Your construction period has a higher interest period ONLY during construction. One complete, your fixed rate payment begins and you may move into your home immediately.

  • 620 Credit Score
  • No lates of any kind within 12 months
  • Find a General Contractor
  • Manufactured or Modular homes ok
  • Must be within county limits (e.g. San Diego $636,100)
  • You can buy and build FHA if you already own a home

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